Travel and Truck Driving Information

  • DOT Number required for out of state commercial vehicle travel.
  • CA Number required for all commerce related rentals – production business included.
  • Hours of Service Keep your Driver’s logbook current, including Daily Vehicle Inspections.
  • DOT Medical Certificate Required when driving a commercial vehicle while working.
  • Emergency Equipment Fire extinguisher and reflective triangles
  • Paperwork Rental agreement, vehicle registration and certificate of insurance.
  • DOT Website DOT info and registration

Motor Carrier Information

California has its own rules and regulations pertaining to driving a commercial vehicle (all cube and larger trucks) used in commerce, including operating them within the entertainment industry. The rules have been on the books for many years but have been modified as of September 1, 2016. In the past their enforcement has not been as aggressive as it becoming but this, and subsequent fines, will increase for the foreseeable future.

Although the fines for noncompliance can amount to thousands of dollars, one of the more damaging effects will be the possibility of denial of insurance coverage or the inability to obtain it.

In the past the entertainment industry has assumed the term “Transporting Property in Commerce“ has not applied to its manner of business. The State of California considers the operations of producing a movie, television show, commercial, music video, etc. exactly that, in short because the net result of the production (and the transportation required during it) will be the sale of a tangible product. Because of this we are advising all production companies to comply with the State’s regulations.

Most companies have acquired their own DOT # needed for interstate travel (state to state) and that process was relatively simple. Obtaining a CA # is more involved and the following links are provided to guide you through the process. In short, that process is: Get a DOT # if the company does not have one, use the DOT # to apply for a Motor Carrier Profile (a CHP requirement). When this process is completed it will provide you with a CA #, but this does not complete the process. The CA # is then used to apply for a Motor Carrier Permit (a DMV requirement). After this, you may or may not have to enroll in the Employee Pull Notice program or Drug/Alcohol program.

Questions regarding the Motor Carrier program can be answered in the FAQ’s section

Additional links regarding the DOT and Motor Carrier programs, including applications for each are here:

  • DOT # App
  • Motor Carrier Profile App
  • Motor Carrier Permit App
  • Motor Carrier Permit FAQ’s
  • Employee Pull Notice Program FAQ’s
  • Unified Carrier Registration

Quick Guide

  1. Get a DOT # online – a federal requirement. (Now a California Highway Patrol requirement as well)
  2. Use the DOT # to complete the Motor Carrier Profile to get CA# – provided by the CHP.
    This gets you the CA# but does not complete the process. The Motor Carrier Permit is then needed to register your company with the CA DMV.
  3. After receiving the CA# complete the Motor Carrier Permit application.
  4. Enroll in the Employee Pull Notification program and Controlled Substance Alcohol Testing program if required.
  5. Renew each year with the Unified Carrier Registration.